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Saturday, October 18, 2003
It's gotta be the shoes
I don't know what I did to Michelle's feet, but I'm really sorry. The right one hurts whenever I put weight on it, which is really unfortunate, since feet basically exist to have weight put on them.

Being a girl has not given me much fondness for amassing footwear. My idea of enough shoes is two pairs of sneakers - one that's completely black and plain enough that you can get by with them even at formal occasions, and another just in case the first get messed up. Consider that before the change I had size 10 wide feet, and it was just a matter of going into the store, finding what fit that limited description, and getting out.

I didn't quite inherit an abundance of shoes from Michelle, but she had five pairs, only one of them sneakers. I got a couple more a few weeks ago, but those were work shoes, too (which has a different connotation nowadays, obviously). But once I got home from work or on the weekend, I've been wearing the same shoes every day, never noticing that they're getting pretty worn out. Now that I flip them over and look at them, the soles are pretty much worn out, and while there aren't holes, there's a split or something that lines up pretty well with both where the shoe bends as you step and where my foot hurts.

You'd think women's feet would be tougher, since they have to get contorted and stuck in heels so that the pressure's not evenly distributed or shoes that come to a point for NO GOOD REASON. They wouldn't do that if it were so painful, right? Ha! Now I know why my girlfriends were always going barefoot in the apartment - as much as girls want shoes to look good, they must grow to hate wearing them.

So it looks like I'd better go shoe-shopping as soon as walking doesn't hurt. Time to see how much the old model of "wear shoes until they wear out, get new pair(s) exactly like them at Payless" works for a girl.

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