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Wednesday, October 29, 2003
Well, the past twenty-four hours or so have sucked.

I got the costume picked up - and hopefully sometime soon I'll convince Blogger to show the entry about how that came about. I didn't realize that it wasn't showing up until yesterday morning, after a night of listening to about fifty car alarms go off. I tried to bring it into work on a floppy (stupid, I know), but the quality control on drives and discs is almost nonexistant nowadays, and kept getting "disc not formatted" messages. My ass it wasn't.

Then, as I'm walking across the street to the Park Street T station, some kid grabs my purse! This woudn't happen, of course, if I'd been wearing a pair of pants that had pockets, but for some stupid reason I was wearing a dress today, despite the rain earlier. I try to run after him, but, of course, heels. Fortunately he's a stupid purse-snatcher and heads into a jammed-up subway entrance. It's gratifying that I can yell and two or three guys I've never met will try and stop him, but that just resulted in my wallet getting thrown over the turnstiles and into the station. He'd gotten all the cash, and as luck would have it, Michelle's ATM card landed right on the rail. The ones on the green line aren't electrified, but when a train comes in before you can get there...

I guess it's nothing permanently damaging - I'll just stop into the bank tomorrow at lunch, write a check out to "cash" for some spending money and have them send me a new card - but it means I didn't have $8 for the Weekly Wednesday Ass-Kicking tonight.

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