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Sunday, October 12, 2003
Well, with the game tonight called on account of rain, I did a little reading up on Natalya Tartakovsky. Apparently, she's the daughter of some sort of clothing mogul in the Seattle area - her family's apparently been there for 150 years, rising from humble beginnings as Russian fur traders, who later stopped trading and started selling their furs themselves, later diversifying into textiles and retail until and de-emphasizing the fur when it became politically incorrect. That is, really, a long line of shrewd businessmen for a family-owned business.

There was another picture with the two of them together last week, in one of the local tabloids, so I gather that first one isn't just a case of them being in the same shot when a society cameraman was taking pictures. I'm not sure what this Natalya does - I gather she's some sort of socialite; she's not listed anywhere on the family business's website, but has shown up in "About Town" sections a fair amount since graduating college in '01, with a degree in English (and a minor in Russian Literature - it's astounding what you can find on the web). She's pretty enough, with almost-white blond hair and a nice figure. Boobs aren't as big as mine, but then again, I'd probably look kind of trashy in some of the clothes she's photographed in.

I wonder if Michelle thinks stuff like that when she's out with Nat (as the papers call her). I don't spend much time judging Kurt's wardrobe or aftershave or stuff; I still sort of appraise his appearance as another guy would. Is Michelle going out with this girl because she sees what she wishes she were in Natalya? This hair was dyed blond when I first met her, and maybe after a decade or so of lugging these breasts around, she might have liked the idea of smaller ones. Michelle came off kind of snotty the night I first met her, and Nat is potentially fabulously wealthy - maybe she likes the idea of entering a higher orbit.

Or, maybe they just met at the ballet and hit it off. I just don't know enough about either of them to jduge.

Still, I'm kind of glad Michelle is seeing a girl in my body rather than a guy. If I hadn't been pushed (OK, shoved) toward Kurt, would I have allowed this body's innate heterosexuality to assert itself? I kind of doubt it. I don't know if I would have just stayed in and mastubated a lot, or started trolling for girls, or what, but I didn't really have much choice in the matter. Michelle did, of course, but it doesn't look like I'll be stuck with a boyfriend when we switch back.

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