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Wednesday, September 03, 2003
If It's Wednesday, It Must Be Hong Kong
Well, I was expecting to see Kurt again at the Weekly Wednesday Ass-Kicking, and he didn't disappoint. I'd kind of held off on talking to him since Thursday, knowing he'd be out of town anyway, and what do I say? Sorry I was cranky, but really, keep your hands to yourself? I'm not ready for anything below the waist?

I'd feel kind of silly saying that because, well, I certainly didn't cry out in pain when he was working on my boob, and I figure that "third base", so to speak, would have felt even better. And when I was talking it over with Jen, I did kind of notice that I was being something of a hypocrite. Which was the problem, that he was trying to make out with "Michelle" like a teenager or that he was touching me at all? If I'm going to complain that his groping me was juvenile, well, wasn't it juvenile of me to be all shocked and uptight over a little physical contact?

(I am, by the way, in awe of the way women discuss this stuff. Sure, men recount this stuff in detail, too, but it's not, shall we say, quite so close to the reality)

So, anyway, Jen and I met up with him and Wei at Kung Fu Cult Master. It was awkward, for a moment, but after the host gave us the October schedule (no kung fu theater until then. ::sniff::), we were pretty loose, and the movie itself, while making absolutely no sense - having the subtitles cut off during the opening exposition probably didn't help - was a gas. The four of us were laughing as we left the theater, fake-punching and all that. Kurt actually picked me up and slung me over his shoulder. Granted, we didn't get much beyond the Allston Cinema's parking lot, and I was glad I'd changed into jeans beforehand, but my reaction surprised me. I didn't feel small and weak and vulnerable, but kind of excited. It was just such a physical thing, and so unexpected, that I just enjoyed the sensation of suddenly being off my feet, and he didn't carry me long enough for me to ever feel out of control.

As usual, I saw them off at the train station. Kurt kissed me goodbye, and I have to admit I'm getting used to that, as weird as it is. I tought about giving his butt a squeeze, just as a surprise to get him back for picking me up, but I wussed out.

I'll be seeing him again tomorrow night, though. Not sure what we'll be doing, but he promises it won't be a movie.

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