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Monday, September 08, 2003
Hanging with Kate
It's been a while since Kate, Jen and I have had a movie night. Kate's not much for the Weekly Wednesday Ass-Kicking, and both Jen and I have been spending a lot of time with our boyfriends (I still feel weird typing that). I kind of feel bad about Kate being left out like that. It's kind of ironic, because a few months ago it was Kurt who was either being left out, and now he's dating me, of all people, while my new "Michelle" circle of friends is arranged in much the same way. Then again, I guess that's pretty typical for single people in their twenties.

Kate tried to get Jen and I to go to the Boston Film Festival with her, but Jen and her guy had a date, and I kind of cringed at $10 for a movie. Kate had bought a book of discount tickets, though, so I figured what the heck.

I like hanging around with Kate. I don't know if we would have gotten on so well if I'd met her as myself, so to speak - she's definitely smarter than I am, for instance, and while I'd like to think that wouldn't have bothered me as a man, let's be realistic. I would have liked knowing a girl this smart, but I would have constantly been trying to prove myself, too. But since nobody expects a receptionist to be particularly bright, I can be somewhat at ease.

It's also kind of weird to spend time with her and not really feel physical attraction. I recognize her as sexy, and certainly like looking at her, but it's like my brain's trying to run incompatible software by now. My mind recognizes that her blacker-than-black hair, great legs, and face which gets even prettier with her glasses on are all things I go for, but it keeps trying to send this message to a penis that isn't there, while another part of the brain is picking up those signals and trying to figure out how I'd look in her dress.

Anyway, we go to see a Chinese film called The Missing Gun!, which is pretty good. It's only 8:30 when the movie ends, so we stop in a Starbucks and discuss it for a little while. It's an interesting conversation, as she's approaching it by comparing it to other films she's seen out of mainland China, while I'm looking at it as a film noir, kind of. She admits she hasn't seen a lot of noir, but there's an upcoming program at The Brattle she means to catch. I just may tag along.

She pays rapt attention to my description of Thursday night. I find it hard to believe she's been single for six months, despite knowing just how a lot of guys might feel threatened by her. She's had a lot of bad first dates, I guess, in part because she won't play the passive girl to make some guy feel comfortable. I kind of admire that - I kind of admire it a lot, really. I've had a few girlfriends, and the ones who speak their minds stand out. Sure, I managed to sabotage those relationships, but they're the ones that stick out.

I hope Kate finds someone soon. It would be fun to do some couples stuff with her, Jen, and our respective boyfriends.

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