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Monday, September 29, 2003
A new guy started at BioSoft today; I'd almost forgotten about the round of interviews they were conducting when I first landed in Michelle's body. Apparently, the funding for the project he'll be working on doesn't start until October, so that's what the delay in hiring and start date was for. His name is Carter Drummond, and he's got pretty good credentials - degree in computer science, a few years in the Air Force, master's in mathematics - and spent the summer doing contract work before landing this job.

I know this because his supervisor was tied up in traffic, so he spent until about 9:45 in the reception area, talking with me. Or maybe flirting would be a better term.

The weird part is, I think I may have started it. My hair is just now getting to the point where it's brushing the tops of my shoulders, and while it looks nice, it also gets in the way a lot. Fortunately, among Michelle's posessions are some hair clips or barettes or whatever the heck they're called, which keeps stuff out of my eyes and ears and mouth, but which I can't help but be aware of. It's like having someone pulling my hair all day long while I'm trying to work, not enough to hurt, but enough for me to constantly want to reach back and swat her one. It drives me nuts, and I find myself removing it every few minutes in order to adjust it. After about the third time, I looked at Carter's shaved head and said something about remembering why I never let my hair grow out.

He, of course, assured me that I looked nice and he didn't think his haircut would work for me. After another compliment or two I informed him that I had a boyfriend; he said it stood to reason and that he had a lady of his own, which I said also stood to reason. It did, too, since he was a fairly good-looking guy, in a sort of Taye Diggs way - classic features carved out of dark marble, with perfect teeth shining behind his lips (though not in a scary way). He talked about the jazz band he and his Janelle had seen the other night without making me feel ignorant, and was self-confident enough to make jokes at his own expense. I was kind of disappointed when Mr. Kraft finally came in and took him away from me.

The girls asked me about him over lunch, and I told them much the same thing. Kate was like "damn, I had to choose this week to have a first date work out", while Jen was pointing out that this was the perfect opportunity to dump Kurt before I pointed out that he already had a girlfriend. Kate's "fine time to let that stop you" didn't sting much, since I was about to say the same thing.

Not that I would have done anything anyway, even if there were no Janelle or Kurt or Denise. After all, he's a guy, and the whole thing with Kurt is just the result of weird circumstances. It's not something I'd actively seek out on my own.

No matter how cute, funny, nice, or smart the guy is.

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