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Saturday, September 13, 2003
You'd think a guy in the body of a girl who looks like Michelle would have more to do on a Saturday night than write in his blog, but for some reason I have terrible luck getting hold of Kurt on the weekend. But, if I must be a girl, I don't see any reason to be a girl who's lost without her man.

So, I went and saw Millennium Actress at Kendall Square today. It's pretty good, although there were only about six of us there. I guess it might be kind of a hard sell in America, as adults tend to think animation is just for kids, and even those who are aware of "anime" (this movie hails from Japan) tend to be teenage guys, who probably aren't the audience for this movie. It didn't help that DreamWorks hasn't advertised it at all and used some new "Go Fish" label instead of the name people recognize.

Anyway, pretty good movie. I didn't like it as much as the director's previous film, Perfect Blue, but that one was just extraordinary. It's a weird situation, because while at first you may look at both movies and wonder why they're animated rather than live-action, there are things done with this movie that wouldn't work quite as well in that other medium: Certain transitions, not having to match actresses playing a role at different ages (or use that horrible prosthetic makeup that never looks good), that sort of thing.

After the movie, I decided to head into the Galleria, maybe stop into Best Buy and pick up a CD or two. I was hungry, and rather than getting robbed at the food court, I popped into Boca Grande for a burrito.

I shouldn't have been surprised to run into Maggie - after finishing grad school at MIT in May, she'd been looking for work at one of the Biotech companies in that general area so she could keep her apartment - but I was anyway. She had a nasty look for me at first, what with the showing the body off to her boyfriend and all, but since the place was crowded and she had a booth to herself, there wasn't anywhere else I could sit.

At first we didn't talk, and I just pulled Kiln People out to read. She made a comment about still being on the same book with a snooty tone to her voice, and I just said I had put it down for about a week for the new Tom Clancy one, which was only eh, and that made sense enough, I guess. She was doing the USA Today crossword, and I made some comment about it being a pretty good one. Apparently that was worth a little respect - not many people really can tell "good" crosswords from "bad", as opposed to just "easy" and "hard". Soon we were working on it together, just like we did when we were dating (well, except for the part where we'd make out afterwards).

I asked her how things were with David, and she said they'd broken up. I felt a tiny thrill of victory, though I don't know whether it was because he hadn't lasted as long as me, because my display three weekends ago might have contributed, or because I liked the idea of Mags being single should I get my body back. Probably a little of all three. She asked if I were seeing anybody, and looked really surprised when I mentioned Kurt's name. She made a comment about it being a small world, not knowing just how small it could be.

I wouldn't say we're friends now, but she doesn't hate me. Well, she doesn't hate Michelle; I've got no idea what she thinks of Martin right now. She didn't really say anything one way or another when I asked how she knew Kurt, just that she used to date a friend of his. In a way, I kind of wish she was still pissed at me; it seems better than being forgotten.

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