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Monday, August 18, 2003
Wow, the counter stats say someone got here doing a Google search for "Ludivine Sagnier nipples". Bet that guy got more than he bargained for!

Well, actually, he got less, since I'm not posting pictures here. Getting recognized on the street would be all I need.


Gonig on another date with Kurt tonight. Movies again. Don't get me wrong, I love the movies (and having someone else pay for them is pretty neat), but this is a real issue for the men-trapped-in-a-woman's-body-and-pressured-into-dating-their-best-friends-without-saying-who-they-really-are segment of the population: You don't get the variety of activity that you might with a real woman in the relationship. It's not even just that both Kurt and I are men under the skin; it's that we've got the same narrow field of interests, and only movies and ballgames really fall into the "stuff you do on a date" category.

For example, my last girlfriend before Mags was into folk music. Now, going to a folk show was something I was as likely to do as getting my ears pierced - nothing against it, just not my thing. We had fun, though, and there was a sense of discovery about it that I enjoyed. So far, I'm not getting that with Kurt.

Which isn't in itself a bad thing - we're still having fun, and when Michelle takes her body back, he'll have a whole bunch of new things to discover about the real Michelle - just a sort of observation.

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