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Wednesday, August 20, 2003
Tonight was just a sort of weird, worlds-colliding situation. As I mentioned a couple weeks ago, Jen had a great time at Allston Cinema Underground's "Weekly Wednesday Ass-Kicking", and asked if I was going tonight. I had kind of forgotten about it, to be honest, and figured it might get shut down, what with only three people showing up that time. Which was silly, because I overheard one of the guys who runs it talking about how he plans to re-run some movies in November, which struck me as insanely confident at the time.

Fortunately, the movie didn't start until eight, which gave me time to get back to the apartment and get changed. Even if Michelle's clothes have certain advantages, they require more attention than I'd like. Remember to cross your legs in this, the only shoes which match that are these and I still don't like to walk any further than I have to with heels that high. Besides, half of 'em have special cleaning instructions, or can be ruined easily (say, by butter-colored popcorn topping, speaking entirely freaking hypothetically). Jen wanted to hit the gym first, anyway. I probably should, but I don't want to go as her guest or pay for a membership. Besides, there's a perfectly good river nearby with nice footpaths for running.

So, I changed into a tank top and shorts and made some supper. I have to wonder why someone who keeps that top in her dresser would want my body - if about a third of her "weekend ware" is to be believed, Michelle didn't harbor any particular dislike for her cleavage. I mean, I've dug through her entire apartment, hoping she might have forgotten something that would lead me on the path to getting my body back, or even something that would give me a hint about her. But there's nothing in here to indicate she disliked her body.

Anyway, I got to the theater at around 7:30, and hung around outside waiting for Jen for a few minutes. There seemed to be a decent crowd tonight, and I got eyed up and down by more than one guy. One even started talking with me, which was kind of fun. I half-wondered if he was Michelle's type - she'd dismissed Kurt pretty quickly, and this guy was different enough: A couple inches taller, buzz-cut with a goatee, more muscular, with skin a shade somewhere between white and black. I felt vaguely jealous of him, since I knew that even in my own body, I probably wouldn't have the discipline to achieve that physique.

Still, it was something of a relief when Jen showed up and he transferred some of his attention to her. A lot of his attention, actually, but it was cool - after he'd sort of shifted to her, she mentioned she had a boyfriend, and he couldn't really go back to working on me. Besides, his friends were waiting.

Jen and I were just buying our tickets when we ran into Kurt and Wei.

Kurt stared. I guess this was the least amount of clothes he'd seen "Michelle" wearing, and I can tell you from experience, he didn't expect to see me here. Even though he's probably figued out that this Michelle girl has something of a tomboyish streak, he's still got her/me filed in his brain as a woman first, and kung-fu movies aren't a terribly feminine thing. Wei's filed in his head as a friend first, of course, so even if they hadn't come together, she probably wouldn't have surprised him.

Anyway, we made our introductions, and sat together as a group. Wei's boyfriend evidently was pulling a double shift at the hospital, so there was just the four of us in our group. We had a good time, but I had to laugh at the scene where Alan Tam had to learn to be a "woman" (or, at least, an effeminate gay), just because I felt pretty sure that what his "coach" was telling him wouldn't do me a damn bit of good. And, it was a pretty funny sequence.

Wei didn't quite grill me, but she had questions. It was somewhat gratifying to see that Kurt had told her about me. I mean, if I'm somehow being graded on "making an effort" with Kurt, it's got to be worth something.

With that in mind, I made a conscious effort to relax when Kurt decided to kiss me while he, Jen, and Wei got on the green line. Of course, with witnesses around, he got shy, which meant no tongue, so I had less reason to freak. Nobody seemed to pick up on any tension from me, so I guess everything is easier the second time around. Heck, he seemed a little more nervous. I'd been kind of dressing conservatively for our "dates", and we'd both been drinking the night we originally met Michelle, so it's possible he might not have realized what a good body this girl really has. He was certainly more eager to set up a next date tonight than he had been before.

And Jen was there for every bit of it. I have a sinking feeling she and Kate will be accusing me of holding out on them during gals' night out tomorrow.

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