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Saturday, August 23, 2003
Reader (fe)Mail
I'm feeling lazy today. It's not a female thing or anything like that, it's a me thing. There are just days when I can't get up the motivation to get any further out of my apartment than the mailbox, especially after spending all week taking the B line to work. The very act of going from one place to another has become too closely associated in my mind with work, and besides, what am I going to do, especially with Michelle's paycheck? Not helping was the Red Sox game on TV this afternoon. It was an exciting, nail-biting game, and I don't feel like I wasted my time watching it, but once I started, I couldn't leave, and I suspect Fox has a deal with Major League Baseball to make the between-innings time just a bit longer, so they can insert more commercials, so that by the time the game was finished, the sun was already setting.

(I tried to overlook the fact that when I had been in my own body and gainfully employed, I would have been at this game. In fact, during a brief, beautiful moment during the dot-com boom, I would have been in really good seats)

So, I didn't do much today, either in terms of new being-Michelle experiences or just plain anything. But I still feel the need to write, so I guess I'll answer some reader mail. Our first message comes from "":

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If only, Miss Koo... If only...

Our next letter comes from Caleb Jones:

You seem to be adapting well! perhaps too well... I know that if it were me, after three weeks, I'd still be wearing jeans and loose shirts.

As I told Caleb, I've tried some of Michelle's jeans on. Trust me, wearing her jeans didn't make me feel more manly in the least. Indeed, the jumping (with its attendant bouncing), contorting, and pulling necessary to get them over Michelle's butt did focused my attention on the distinctly female portions of her anatomy than any skirt has. The skirt is at least somewhat utilitarian; it's not constantly making you aware of its presence by the way it grabs your body.

More than one reader has written in to ask:

Which gender gets the better orgasm?

I knew, I just knew, that the August 15th entry would inevitably lead to that. After all, who else is going to have an answer to that question?

In baseball statistics, there's a saying called "Voros's Law", which states "anyone can hit anything in sixty at bats". Basically, you need a certain amount of data before you can make quantitative determinations. And even if I have been playing with Michelle's body a little more over the past week, I haven't quite gotten to that level.

And even if I had, I'd only be able to compare the orgasms of one woman and one man - so I might be able to say "Martin Hartle gets more out of an orgasm than Michelle Garber", but that's hardly a definitive statement on "men" and "women".

The other thing is that "The Big O", as Mags liked to call it, is seldom an isolated occurance. Was the relief I felt last Friday night something I can attribute entirely to just the physical sensation of Michelle's body coming, or were there psychological factors, as well? Similarly, if I told you sex was better with Maggie than with other women, then that would be a pretty clear indication that more than one person's body was involved.

Maybe I'll have an opportunity to revisit this question later. Of course, by then, I may well decide that how I feel after sex is none of anyone else's business.


PS: If you don't want any mail you send to me (well, Michelle's address) be used in this column, or just don't want your name used, indicate it in your letter.

PPS: I've got plans for tomorrow, so I know I'll have something more to write about.
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