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Tuesday, August 19, 2003
Just a quick bit: I've gotten some mail - sadly, not from someone wondering where his stolen mind-swapping machine had gone. One person suggested that I got used to wearing girl's clothes awful quickly. The thing is, I actually tried dressing a little more casually one of those days I didn't have internet access; but Mr. Kraft (I can't get up the nerve to call him Franklin, much less Frank) gave me not quite a lecture, but a talk indicating that as the first person someone sees when they walk in the door, I should project professionalism, which is why Michelle's pay evidently includes a clothing stipend of some sort. Since he was wearing a long-sleeved shirt and tie despite it being eighty and the AC not quite having kicked in yet, I couldn't exactly argue with him. And it's not like better jobs are easy to come by (especially since Michelle never went to college, leaving me without my B.Sci). The tech folks can get away with it, but I'm no longer one of them.

Besides, during a hot, humid summer, you can get used to bare legs and arms. I mean, check this story out - and he doesn't even have Michelle's legs!

-Martin (keepin' cool)
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