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Monday, August 18, 2003
I spiffed this page up a little over the weekend, adding a link to a counter and the ability to leave comments. I did it for a bunch of reasons; one was that I could feel my programming skills atrophying - not keeping up on every new tool Microsoft or the like throws your way has given me a lot of spare time, I'm going to be out of date and out of practice when I do get my own life back. This was just a bit of cut and paste, but just looking at HTML code made me feel better.

But I also thought it might get me a little more information. If I'm not the only person who has ever had their body hijacked, then hopefully someone else who has had it happen - or who knows how it's accomplished and how to reverse it - might contact me to help me out. And, if the conspiracy theory is true, then they're probably reading this blog right now to see how their guinea pig is getting on (rot in hell, guys). Maybe, I figured, its records would indicate some sort of weird address that's regularly showing up. So far, though, it looks like if there is someone monitoring this blog, he or she is smart enough to come in via Google or Blogspot or Metamorphose. That last one looks particularly clever - post a link to this blog to a list of links about people turning into other people/things, then check in via that, looking no different than any gender-bender story fan. And if the guy who posted the link is any more than that, he's certainly established a good cover.

But, I have been able to find out that someone was able to find my blog while searching for "sweaty breasts". My mom would be so proud if she knew.


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