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Monday, August 04, 2003

It's been one of THOSE days. The air conditioner was on the fritz at work, and of course it was on the day when I'd picked something out of Michelle's wardrobe with long pants (I have to admit, the bare legs on hot days thing is kind of nice). So then I had to spend the whole day supervising the guys who were supposed to repair it, and most of what they did was to expose some big venting tube hose thing in the ceiling that blew some kind of dust out. With the way my life's been going, Michelle's body probably inhaled a whole bunch of asbestos and will likely die before I get to be a man again.

So, when I get back to her apartment, the white top I'd been wearing is dark grey. I needed to do a load of white clothes, but things here are apparently in just as fine repair - when I went to put the clothes in the dryer, the water they'd been soaking in was this disgusting sludge. I called her landlord, but it's all ruined. I'd say it's not my problem, but I've got to live on Michelle's paycheck for now, and that leaves her with something like twos bras left. Which means shopping tomorrow, which she can neither afford nor do I have time for.

And that leg-waxing stuff... Hurts. No big surprise, I know, but it's just a perfect fit with the rest of my day. Tomorrow had better be better!
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