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Friday, July 18, 2003
Six A.M. flight tomorrow; this is it. I really should try and get to sleep now, but for some reason I can't even tough I've got five or six beers in me. Like I just don't want to leave even though I really do. I mean, I can't waste any more minutes that I've got here.

I met up with Wei and Kurt after they got off work today, and we went to the Place to give me a send-loff. Jimmy came too, but the hospital paged him at something like six thirty. Butthat was okay, since it kind of made sense that it was just the three of us. We'd all moved here together after college, although there were five of us at first. Jen and Rick are long gone, nd now it's just the two of them. Wei said she'd called Mags, but I guess it's for the best that she didn't come. It didn't end well and moving on may just be the best thing for it.

So, we had a few beers watched the game, and just talked. We spent part of the time talking like we'd be able to get together and do it on Monday, and then we reminisced, nad Wei cried. She said she was glad Jim wasn't there then, because he might get t he wrong idea. But I got it, sice we've been through a lot together. Nothing nobody else hasn't gone through, but that doesn't really make it easier at the time. I told them at least they were lucky enough to still have each other, but Kurt moped that it wouldn't last. He's the onlyh uncoupled friend Wie has, so he just knew he'd be seeing less and less of her.

Wei and I told him it was bullshit, that he'd find someone soon enough and then they'd be able to do all the coupley things together, but he didn't buy it. So we spent the rest of the evening, or at least a good chunk of it, trying to find him a new girlfriend. It would have been a lot easier if thePlace had spped dating on Friday, but no such luck. We tried the old fashioned way, and some phone numbers were exchanged. I hope things go well with him and the redhead... I think Denise was her name. She's awful cute, an evidently she was there as a bridesmaid in some friend of hers wedding party trying to decompress before the big day. She certainy seemed to jump in enthusiastically when Kurt gave her the "help save a friendship" spiel.

The last one was weird, though. She was hot, don' get be wrong, but she had a weird attitude. I guess part of it was she was alone in the bar and there were three of us, os I guess that could kind of come off as threatening, but after we explained the situation, smiling to make sure she knew it was half in jest, she just said "what's in it for me?" and walked away. Cold. Not the ocldest we'd heard all night, but just the way she said it, and we were admittedly kind of hammered. I just gave Kurt a pat on the back and otld him that if she had to ask, it was her lost.

The really weird thing happened ten minutes later, when Kurt had gone outside to call fro a cab. I was about to down my last shot when she cam over and sat next to me. Im not quite sure where Wie was, maybe in the bathroom. She asked me if I was really leaving, and I said yes, and she asked if I really felt that strongly. Well, when you're drunk, you feel everything pretty damn strongly, and I told her that if I were a woman, I'd go for Kurt an instant. SHe said something like "good think you're not mbe", and then, before I could cut her back down, she grab my face and plants one of the lips. A long one, too, like five minutes, or at least that's what it felt like. Then she just turned around and walked off without saying a word. Weird.

Well, anyway, I think the beer's really starting to hit me, so it's time to send this out into the internet. I've got nothing else to say except, man, is Kurt' sroommate coing to be pissed when my alarm rings at 4am tomorrow.

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