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Friday, July 18, 2003
Not a bad game, if you're Canadian. Otherwise, it was a bunch of missed opportunities and pitching that wasn't quite good enough. I heard a bunch of people grumbling about Nixon trying to score and being out by a mile, but if you're running from second to third, you have to trust what the third base coach is telling you. You've got no way of knowing what's coming.

Couldn't ask for a better night for my last visit to Fenway in a while. The sun way shining, there was a nice breeze, and we were sitting up in the right-field roof boxes. I'd never been in those specific seats, and it was kind of scary at first - it took some real effort to get Kurt to use the seats rather than retreat down into the main stadium and just use the standing room. But after a couple innings I barely noticed, though yuo'd think Kurt would have gotten sick - he found an awful lot of excuses to do concession/beer runs rather than hanging around with me.
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