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Tuesday, July 15, 2003
Looking at the blog, I'm not sure how I'll end future entries. Yesterday, the phone rang, but if not, who knows how long I would have been staring at the screen, trying to figure out a clever way to end it? Hours, I'm sure.

Today, I'm going to be clever and start now so that I can save it in about half an hour because I have to get over to Kurt's and watch the All-Star Game. I'm trying to hang out with Kurt and Wei a lot this week, since I've got no idea when I'll see them next.

For example, last night we all went out and saw The League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen. Which was fun, and kind of clever, but not quite as good as the comic book. Of course, I was the only one who'd read it, and both my friends seemed to like it. Heck, Wei's new boyfriend (Jim, I think his name is) did until he heard me say "comic book". Then it's "no wonder it was so unrealistic". Like he cared about realism when Mina turned into a flock of bats and he whooped it up.

Someday, I'm going to tell him about Road To Perdition.

Anyway, that was last night; tonight we're going over to Kurt's, since he's got the best TV. Not that Fox actually broadcasts in HDTV, but it'll still be impressively big. I hope like heck that what's-his-name likes baseball, since he seems to come with Wei nowadays.

Of course, I'm sure Mags similarly annoyed Kurt and Wei back when we were together. Of course, it could kind of suck for Kurt - once I head out, he becomes a third wheel if he wants to do anything with Wei. Being single can suck when your friends aren't.

Ah well. Not my problem after Friday, is it? In the meantime, let's watch some baseball!

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