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Wednesday, July 16, 2003
Goodbye, things. See you next week.

Or so I hope. My possessions are actually being moved to a storage locker in Seattle; with any luck I'll be able to find a new apartment next week and not just live out of the hotel. Not that there's anything wrong with living out of a hotel - indeed, it's kind of fun. In fact, I've occasionally considered taking vacation time but staying in town, just checking into a hotel closer to the waterfront and letting someone else clean my room and make the bed and all that. But the idea of juxtoposing work and a hotel seems vaguely wrong. I know there are hotels that specialize in long-term stays, but after spending the day in someone else's building, I want to retreat to a place that is mine.

Now, though, I feel like an intruder in my own apartment, with just my sleeping bag, laptop, and a couple changes of clothes in a duffle. I'll probably crash at Kurt's after the game tomorrow, and I really should tonight, but his roommate was giving me this look, like the apartment's oxygen was very tightly rationed, and my presence there for one night this month would be throwing the allocations off. That or he wanted rent.

He must have hated all the oxygen Wei, Jim, and I used last night. Not that the All-Star Game was worth screaming over, but the discovery that Jim was a Mets fan caused no small amount of disturbance. Mets fans aren't quite so bad as other New Yorkers, so long as they don't bring Mookie ____ing Wilson up, but there's always the thought at the back of your mind, that even though they say nobody hates the Yankees as much as they do... Well, how hard is it, really, for them to change sides once the Mets fall out of contention? After all, the Yanks still represent the city, right? And if you're living outside of the NYC area, folks are just going to lump you together anyway, so why not?

It must be a very tricky situation for him right now, staying true to himself now that his team is basically out of it. He wants to remain a hardcore Mets guy, but the city is full of Red Sox fans (including his girlfriend) and the Yankees can represent both a link to his home and a rebellion against the people surrounding him. As Kurt joked last night, Wei should watch closely - how he handles that situation could be telling as to how loyal he is to whatever he claims to love before all others.

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